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Maryland Codes Administration Training Registration

Seminar Details

The Maryland Department of Housing & Community Development (DHCD) / Codes Administration will be conducting a ½ day training seminar (4 hrs.) that will explain the State of Maryland Modular / Industrialized Building Program. This seminar will consist of training in the following four(4) major areas –

  1. The State of Maryland Industrialized / Modular Building Program (Maryland Law and Regulations);
  2. The role and the responsibilities of The State of Maryland Codes Administration in this process;
  3. The role and responsibilities of the Manufacturers and the Third Party Inspection Agencies;
  4. The role and responsibility of the Local Authority having Jurisdiction;

This seminar will be conducted at four (4) different locations throughout the State. Each seminar is a HALF DAY seminar (4 hrs.). Registration will begin at 7:30am with instruction beginning at 8:00am and the seminar ending by noon. All seminars are offered free of charge – including all instructional materials/workbooks. Each participant will be awarded a certificate. Select the location of your choice for this seminar from the list below – then click on that seminar. The dates for that seminar will appear. Select the date of your choice and click on “Sign-Up” -- and complete the registration form and click “SEND”. You will receive an instant return confirmation. SEATING IS LIMITED AT EACH SEMINAR – AND WILL BE ON A FIRST COME – FIRST SERVE BASIS -- SO PLEASE REGISTER EARLY.

Any questions – Contact Jim Magliano (410)514-7216 or

All seminars are free of charge and work books and all instructional materials will be given to you also free of charge. Attendance is limited at each seminar location – so please register early. PLEASE – ONLY REGISTER FOR A SEMINAR IF YOU HONESTLY PLAN TO ATTEND.

Registration Instruction

To register for a particular seminar of your choice – click on that seminar – that will take to a page showing all dates and locations for that seminar.  Click on the date and location of your choice and you will directed to a registration form for that particular seminar….please fill out registration form and submit….then you will immediately receive an electronic confirmation.


If you have any questions concerning classes please email

Maryland Codes Administration

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